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The Story of Ugggh

Once upon a time in a cave somewhere in what is now France, a person named Uhhhg found a way to draw figures on the wall.

He drew animals and hunters and it was all quite colorful and spectacular. When the leader of the cave noticed what Uhhhg was doing he asked for an explanation.

Uhhhg told the leader that it was a hunt. 

"I don't think so," said the leader. "If it were a hunt there would be food for the tribe to eat as a result of your work. You must call it something besides a hunt."

Uhhhg pondered the leader's advice and announced that he would call his work "Art".

The tribe was happy. A new thing was invented. It had a name: Art. 

Everyone patted Ugggh on his back and then promptly cut down his portion of food because his Art would feed no one.

We, at Tulevision, worry that history is repeating itself on the internet.

If you fancy yourself a patron of the arts and/or you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, there is finally is a way to contribute to the Revolutionary Post-Contemporary Art Movement. Though TuleVision.


Good new! TuleVision has finally moved out of the proverbial "parent's house" and have become financialy independent. We thank you for clicking on this page with the assumed attempt at lavinging us with riches. Please bookmark this page and check back as web boy keeps mentioning some new expensive convertable that he has his eye on and knowing what we're paying him, if we see him pull up in the driveway with said automobile, that he's gotten into the till.