Tulevision thinks it's imperative we all have privacy.

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Tulevision WILL NOT sell or distribute in any way the personal information collected from viewers through emails, submissions, Public Polemics, contests, etc.

That information is under lock and key in the Tulevision Editor's desk and will not be passed along to anyone, ever - unless they have a gun or a subpoena.

If that statement makes you wary -- what else can we do? We could give you the email addresses we've collected from our viewers so that you could ask them, but then we'd be liars, wouldn't we?

Really. We understand your trust dilemma. We'd like to have the little icons from the websites that guarantee your privacy, but that would cost us so much money we'd have to sell our email list to afford them. Besides, we think all they do is tell the buyers of the icons how to give people the advice they need to "opt out" of privacy violations. Ha! We at Tulevision have tried that "opt out" stuff and we still get spammed and demographically pigeon-holed.

The problem with this demographical pigeon-holing is that we are individuals. A fifty year-old woman may have the same musical tastes as a 14 year-old boy, but she'll never be offered the same stuff on the internet.

This is sad. We'd like to change it but we can't. All we can do is to not participate and save Tulevision's money to pay for the bandwidth it takes to produce its website.

Until then - all we can do is ask you to "Trust-us." No pun intended.**

**Okay - in all honesty - the pun was intended and written in a little fit of pique. 

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